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NEWS // October 28, 2014

Encinitas’ Coastal Corridor to Receive a Huge Artistic Addition

The three Main Street programs in Encinitas have partnered together to provide nine new pieces of public art along the coast in Encinitas. The Leucadia 101 Main Street, the Cardiff 101 Main Street and the Encinitas 101 Main Street have all selected artists to paint SDG&E electrical boxes as part of their commitment to enhancing the experience along the coastal corridor through public art. This beautification project will be completed with generous grant funds from the City of Encinitas and Mizel Family Foundation Community Grant Program.

This project entitled The Utility of Art, is aimed at enhancing the coastal corridor by creating a public art gallery that will visually represent the culture of Leucadia, Cardiff and Downtown Encinitas. Once the collection is complete, residents and visitors will be able to marvel at unique art for years to come.  All three Main Street programs will continue to paint the utility boxes in their program area until all are complete.

Painting of the utility boxes will start the first week and second week in November. The selected artists are: Chris Kepler (Cardiff), Daniel Hernandez (Cardiff), Karin Grow (Cardiff), Michael “Monstrinho” Amorillo (Leucadia), Seitaku “TAK” Aoyama (Leucadia), Steve Burrows (Leucadia), Jim McConlogue (Leucadia), Donna Schichler (Downtown Encinitas) and Jessica Brown (Downtown Encinitas)

Over the last year the Encinitas 101 Main Street facilitated the painting of five utility boxes in Downtown Encinitas and the Leucadia 101 Main Street kicked off their Utility of Art Program with a live painting demonstration by artist Michael “Monstrinho” Amorillo at the corner of Basil and Hwy 101 during the 10th Annual LeucadiART Walk.  In Downtown Encinitas four of the previously painted boxes are located on the north side of D Street by the NCTD station and the fifth box is in front of Solace & the Moonlight Lounge on E Street.  Please take a look at these beautiful pieces and be on the lookout for more on the way.

The Utility of Art Project was made possible with the support of SDG&E (Sempra Utilities) and generous supply donations from Rhino Art Supply and Crown Ace Hardware. “Our Mainstreet organizations are key partners to SDG&E in the community, helping to distribute information on programs to save energy and money for customers. We were also pleased to work together recently to approve the painting of certain utility boxes to foster increased arts and culture that fits well along the culturally vibrant 101 corridor. We salute our Mainstreet partners in Cardiff, Leucadia and Downtown Encinitas for keeping our streets looking great!” said Frank Urtasun, Regional Vice President of External Relations for SDG&E.

For more information on the project and a painting schedule please contact the three main street programs Cardiff 101, Encinitas 101 and  Leucadia 101.