County Employee Association Celebrates Hispanic Heritage and Traditions

NEWS // October 1, 2015

County Employee Association Celebrates Hispanic Heritage and Traditions

On September 21, 2015, the San Diego County Latino Association hosted a celebration of the region's Hispanic Heritage through the eyes of its own County employees. Founded in 1983, the Association is one of the longest existing employee resource groups of its kind in the nation. The event included recognition of past Association presidents, with special acknowledgement given to the first trailblazing president and former County employee, Gloria Medina, by the County’s Chief Administrative Officer, Helen Robbins Meyer, and the Director of the Office of Ethics and Compliance, Joe Cordero.  District Attorney staff members Jesse Navarro and Barbara Medina also shared inspiring personal testimonies.  

Community members in attendance enjoyed authentic cultural experiences including healthy food selections; mariachi, flamenco and traditional Azteca dancing and drumming; and a display of artifacts from the San Diego County Library. 

Association board members include Israel Garza, Johanna Salomon, Felipe Gen Gonzalez Jr., Marita Herrera, Oscar Tolaro, Nicolas Martinez, Sandy Barajas, Jackie Hurtado and Amber Turrac who share their passion, leadership and commitment to meeting the needs of the Latino community and sharing its culture and traditions.


Gloria Medina
SDLA Mariachi
SDCLA Flamenco
Artifacts from SDCPL
SDCLA Forms in 1983
SDLA Celebration Attendees
Little Azteca Dancer
SDCLA Celebration Poster