‘Taste’ Event an Oasis for Learning and Volunteer Opportunities

NEWS // September 1, 2016

‘Taste’ Event an Oasis for Learning and Volunteer Opportunities

On August 24th, San Diego OASIS hosted their yearly Taste of OASIS event, where attendees could pick up course catalogs, meet with teachers and learn more about upcoming classes. This year’s event boasted a Volunteer Fair that included 17 different local volunteer opportunities to help their members become more civically engaged. Over 600 older adults attended the event, collected their class catalogs and signed up for opportunities to volunteer their time and share their knowledge.

San Diego OASIS is a unique educational program for adults 50+ who want to continue to learn, pursue new interests and stay healthy and active.  Adding the Volunteer Fair to the event, was an opportunity for multiple organizations to harness the wisdom, history and professional knowledge of older adults who want to continue to thrive in their communities. Community based organizations often face the challenge of recruiting people to help with their cause at little cost, while the older adult population is retiring and still flourishing for longer than ever before.

“If I’m healthy, why not?” explained Joseph Pierre about volunteering his time. Joseph and his wife, Patricia, attended the OASIS Volunteer Fair and didn’t leave empty-handed. They found new ways to be a part of their community – through Meals on Wheels and The Glenner Memory Care Center.

In San Diego, as is a common trend all over the United States, the population of Baby Boomers is steadily increasing. The median age in the County is increasing, and to ensure that our community is engaging with each other, we must facilitate these opportunities.

“At San Diego OASIS, we appreciate the chance to partner with other worthy non-profit agencies who are working as hard as we are to support the older adult community in San Diego,” said Simona Valanciute, President and CEO of San Diego OASIS.  “We appreciate the opportunity to offer choices that allow older adults to give back to their communities. We are all in this together.”  

Research into the benefits of volunteering is growing.  Not only does volunteering provide social benefits, but improvements in individual physical and mental wellness. According to a review of recent research on volunteering by the Corporation for National & Community Service, those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer. Volunteering adds another layer to lifelong learning and overall wellness.

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