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1to1 Movement joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on October 17, 2016. The 1to1 Movement supports Live Well San Diego’s vision of creating safe, healthy and thriving communities by inspiring and simplifying sustainability in daily life and through the development of more equitable food systems and the reduction of excessive waste. Through the development of consensus based relationships, 1to1 Movement has been able to engage individuals who otherwise would have felt little connection to the environment.

1to1 Movement works to empower students of all ages with the knowledge, resources and confidence to make positive decisions that impact their communities and their environment. In the past five years, the organization has reached over 26,500 students through their innovative environmental education initiatives, including their mobile learning farm called STACKED. STACKED is an innovative 6-week educational program focused on engaging and inspiring students to think about food in a new way. Students walk through a mobile greenhouse, work through a series of food systems activities, and plant their own seedling in a re-purposed planter. The STACKED program leverages 1to1 Movement’s expertise to engage schools and communities that otherwise don’t have access to curated learning opportunities in food systems, health and nutrition.

1to1 Movement is committed to positivity, creativity, sustainability, education and to helping San Diegans thrive through new opportunities and partnerships. 1to1 Movement will continue to help cultivate opportunities for all people and communities to grow, connect and enjoy the highest quality of life. 

1to1 Movement Proclamation
1to1 Movement Proclamation
Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner 1to1 Movement

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