2nd Recess

2nd  Recess joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on August 1, 2018.  2nd Recess supports the Countys vision of creating healthy, safe, and thriving communities by inspiring through action, encouraging children of all ages to become more physically active through running.

2nd Recess promotes opportunities to lead sustainable collective impact initiatives in San Diego County through offering various practices that focus on fun and fitness. 2nd Recess is a health centered 501(c)3 youth running nonprofit serving San Diego County and  schools/recreation sites across the country. Since the inception of the program in the summer of 2011, the focus has been on inspiring San Diego youth and their families to be active through running and track & field. Introducing kids to fun and fitness through running builds healthy habits and reduces instances of obesity in adulthood.

2nd  Recess believes that being healthy and active in the community is a key ingredient to inspiring others to be active as well. Through Patience, Perseverance, and Positivity we encourage athletes in the program to set big goals and explore their athletic gifts.

2nd Recess is proud to serve the San Diego community and now nationwide with the availability of the  2nd Recess School and Recreational Site Curriculum. As a passionate organization, 2nd Recess aims to inspire others through fun and fitness.  2nd Recess practices take place at  multiple locations in San Diego County.  If you are interested in bringing 2nd Recess to your school, recreation center, or area, please contact 2nd Recess at  info@2ndrecess.org

With Live Well San Diego, 2nd Recess is committed to positivity, creativity, sustainability, education and to helping San Diegans thrive through new opportunities and partnerships.


2nd Recess

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