Community Wellness Collaborative 

Community Wellness Collaborative is a San Diego-based nonprofit committed to improving access to healthcare and investing in community wellness. Simply put, the mission is to improve everyone’s access to quality, affordable, integrative wellness care.

Since 2007, we’ve provided over 28,000 free wellness services across the city. Our Adams Ave clinic offers affordable, sliding-scale services, raising funds to facilitate weekly free community wellness outreach events for underserved populations.

Our services include:

For every three sessions we provide in our clinic or for every one month of membership, we give one session away for free to someone who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

In 2018, in recognition of our service to San Diego, the SD County Board of Supervisors declared us a recognized “Live Well” partner. The Board also proclaimed September 21 to be “Community Wellness Collaborative Live Well San Diego Day”!

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