Dokua Smith Foundation

Date Recognized: February 12, 2020

Sector: Community & Faith-Based Organization

Dokua Smith Foundation (DSF) is a nonprofit with a mission to establish an Independent Philanthropic Education Scholarship fund for refugee children and the under-served children population in San Diego County. DSF plans to partner with Vocational Schools, Junior Colleges and Universities in the County to assure the children obtain skills necessary to thrive in San Diego County. DSF is using its proprietary fundraising platform ‘365cents-a-year’ to ask each citizen of the county to donate one cent a day or $3.65 each year to the fund. DSF recognizes that, to accomplish its mission, it is important to collaborate and partner with other institutions in the county. The foundation believes it is the collective civic responsibility of the citizens of San Diego to make the County a great place to live and thrive for all. 

Dokua Smith Foundation

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