International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on September 25th, 2018.  IBM is an information technology company with operations in over 170 countries. IBM offers a variety of programs that support the Live Well San Diego vision of healthy, safe and thriving communities.

IBM partnered with the County of San Diego in 2015 to build ConnectWellSD, an innovative electronic information hub that enables a person centered approach to service delivery. This secure tool allows staff and service providers to provide tailored services, connect their customers to a wide range of resources, safely share information with colleagues, and collaborate across disciplines and departments.

IBM operates programs that provide opportunities and growth for the community, such as the Veterans Employment Initiative which offers software training, certification, and job placement assistance to veterans pursuing careers and data analysts. Other programs include Science for Social Good Initiative, Teachers Try Science and the SafetyNet Grant Program that provides consulting expertise and technologies to non-profit organizations to ensure data is analyzed quickly and efficiently, assuring that they stay in business by meeting compliance and reporting requirements easily.

IBM’s Global Health Corps is focused on tackling health disparities by unlocking the power of data to improve health outcomes and deliver lasting change across the globe.  IBM also hosts a free Disaster Volunteering Course where the public can learn about the importance of disaster volunteering as well as disaster relief activity opportunities.

IBM is committed to continuing to advance the Live Well San Diego vision by continuing to provide and support programs that cultivate opportunities for all people and communities to grow, connect and enjoy the highest quality of life.