Lifestyles INFOCUS

Lifestyles INFOCUS joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on August 25, 2015.  Lifestyles INFOCUS became a Live Well San Diego partner by aligning its programs and services to promote a healthy, safe, and thriving San Diego County.  Lifestyles INFOCUS works with clients around the county to support health, physical activity, and wellness in the workplace through lunch and learn seminars, onsite fitness and exercise, supporting walking clubs, stress relieving therapy and arranging onsite biometric screenings.   Lifestyles INFOCUS touches families through employers and encourages them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

In addition to their efforts to improve quality of life within the workplace, Lifestyles INFOCUS supports local nonprofit organizations, medical institutions, universities and local schools by coordinating health and wellness events and sharing resources between multiple sectors.

Lifestyles INFOCUS is committed to continuing its efforts to contribute to a healthy, safe, and thriving community, and will look for innovative ways to align their work with the Live Well San Diego initiative.

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