Recognized: November 6, 2019
Sector: Schools & Education

PhlebotomyU was established in 1986 to provide excellence in continuing education to professionals in the fields of health care and public health. It provides high quality vocational phlebotomy training with the mission to "enhance students’ careers through industry leading curriculum, current technology, and comprehensive hands-on experience."

PhlebotomyU demonstrates the Live Well San Diego vison by improving public access to healthcare via expanding the pool of qualified/certified medical professionals qualified to work in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, physicians’ offices, blood banks and other medical institutions.

PhlebotomyU is building a better service delivery system by partnering with local community colleges to advance students’ careers through industry leading phlebotomy education.

PhlebotomyU is committed to advancing Live Well San Diego into the future by partnering with trusted healthcare providers to provide students with valuable phlebotomy internship opportunities to gain work experience, advance students careers and improve patient care with organizations who offer free and/or low-cost services at medical and wellness fairs and clinics.

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