African American Association of County Employees

The African American Association of County Employees (AAACE) became an official Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner on June 15, 2018, becoming the first County of San Diego Employee Resource Group to be a Recognized Partner. AAACE was established in 2013 to recruit, promote, and inspire African American employees of the County to connect, inspire, and succeed through education and charitable causes that align with County initiatives and achieve goals resulting in improved career opportunities, cultural awareness, and community partnerships. Membership consists of County employees, students, and members of the community with an interest in diversity and a skilled work force, as well as promoting the African-American culture on a local level.

AAACE focuses on development and opportunities for professionals. In addition, it focuses on preparing the next generation of African American leaders, collaborating with community partners, and establishing a legacy for the community it represents. These goals are achieved through various ways, including, but not limited to, awarding the AAACE Leon Williams scholarship to graduating high school seniors pursuing higher education; hosting the annual Juneteenth Celebration and multiple events throughout Black History month; participating in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade and County of San Diego Spring Valley Library’s Karamu event; hosting and/or co-hosting career development trainings, career test preparation trainings, the Person of Interest series, and the Interview an Executive event; conducting ongoing peer-to-peer mentoring; and promoting trainings provided by The Knowledge Center and external organizations.

The African American Association of County Employees continues to be a leader in the San Diego region and strives to uphold the Live Well San Diego vision of a healthy, safe, and thriving community.


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African American Association of County Employees

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