American Lung Association in California

The American Lung Association in California (ALA) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on November 20, 2014. ALA became a Live Well San Diego partner for their work to promote and advocate for lung health.  ALA has successfully advocated for smoke-free indoor and outdoor environments, reducing youth access to tobacco, securing policies that regulate the sale and use of electronic smoking devises, smoke-free multi-housing, and supporting the tuberculosis and asthma control program. Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer of men and women in the United States yet more than two-thirds of people diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked or are former smokers. In 2014 they launched LUNG FORCE to unite people in the fight against lung cancer and for lung health. ALA is proud to be a member of the Live Well San Diego Leadership Team and several regional leadership teams.  They have plans to advance the Live Well San Diego initiative by assisting in adopting smoke-free policies; partnering with the County to implement an innovative program to train behavioral health services providers in tobacco cessation and increase clients’ access to nicotine replacement therapy; and participating in the Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community program. The American Lung Association in California believes that advocacy, better prevention, early detection and personalized medicine will result in better treatment for those with lung cancer and will ultimately save lives.

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