Angels Foster Family Network

Angels Foster Family Network joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on February 11, 2016.   Angels Foster Family Network is a licensed foster agency with a unique focus on prevention, based on the stable placement of abused infants and toddlers with trained, nurturing families who promote healing and critical attachment, resulting in healthy growth and development. Angels is the only agency of its kind nationwide with this single purpose – to transform lives by promoting healthy early development in the foster care system.

Angels Foster Family Network recruits and trains exceptionally qualified parents who seek to provide consistent love and care to one child or one sibling set at a time. The organization’s highly trained staff is skilled in guiding and supporting parents through the foster care process. Without the love and care offered by Angels families, these vulnerable children miss the opportunity to attach to a primary parent figure, and are likely to face severe developmental roadblocks as a result of broken relationships. Angels Foster Family Network has demonstrated over and over that thoroughly screened, well-trained, nurturing caregivers raise healthy children. Their approach to care is both reactive to the trauma a child has experienced and proactive in helping to properly “wire” the child’s brain for future success. 

Through their foster care program, Angels Foster Family Network will continue to incorporate the principles of Live Well San Diego into the work they do to ensure that every child grows up in a loving, nurturing and healthy home.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Angels Foster Family Network


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