At Your Home Family Care

At Your Home Familycare joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on August 11, 2017.  Established in 1984, At Your Home Familycare provides caring, reliable and affordable non-medical home and community-based case and private duty services for seniors, disabled and Veterans in San Diego County.

At Your Home Familycare is dedicated to improving health and wellness for San Diego County residents by providing education at various local health fairs and events to emphasize the importance of prevention of disease and injury. At Your Home Familycare provides Door-Through-Door Transportation Services with qualified drivers to take aging and disabled clients to medical appointments, social engagements and more to relieve social isolation. They also actively communicate their mission through various outlets including social media, the Health and Science column for Communities Digital News, and they are active in multiple Community Action Networks around San Diego County.

At Your Home Familycare is committed to continuing to advance Live Well San Diego among their own workforce through their active Employee Wellness Program for all employees, which includes a gym facility, frequent break periods, healthy snacks, Safe Weight Programs to promote healthy living, and Bring Your Sneakers to the Office Program to encourage walking during lunchtime.


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At Your Home Family Care

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