Bayside Community Center joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on June 10, 2014. Bayside Community Center became a Live Well San Diego partner for their work in Food Security, Financial Inclusion, Health and Wellness, and Education Empowerment.  Bayside Community Center was founded in 1932 as a one-stop location to meet the needs of lower income immigrants and native-born residents in urban settings, with the mission of empowering a diverse community to improve quality of life through services, education and advocacy. Bayside Community Center has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to Live Wellthrough its participation in the Live Well San Diego Leadership Team, support of HHSA North Central Community Engagement Action Forum and the HHSA North Central Healthy Communities and Lifestyles Initiative, and by facilitating the Resident Leadership Academy training. As a result, one member was elected to the Linda Vista Community Planning Group. For more information about Bayside’s involvement in the RLA, please see this article. Bayside is designated as a Financial Opportunity Center to assist with job placement, provide financial education and career development.  As a Live Well San Diego partner, Bayside Community Center will continue to honor their original mission of fostering opportunity, independence, and equality in the Linda Vista community.



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