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Be There San Diego joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on March 7, 2016. As a recognized Live Well San Diego partner, Be There San Diego will continue to create healthier San Diego communities as a regional healthcare stakeholder collaborative with a mission to eliminate heart attacks and strokes in San Diego County.

Be There San Diego partners include large health systems, large and small medical groups, the San Diego County Medical Society, pharmacists, and the County of San Diego.  For the past five years, Be There San Diego has actively engaged stakeholders in establishing a shared vision for improving quality of care, improving health outcomes, and reducing health care costs.

Projects include the University of Best Practices, a forum for disseminating evidence based clinical practices; the Data Workgroup, a forum for sharing data to improve quality; Community-Clinical Linkages, a pilot project in Southeastern San Diego to impact cardiac disparities; and most recently the award for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Healthcare Innovation grant which will fund a new project focused on treatment guidelines, health coaches, patient self-monitoring, and technology.

Be There San Diego is housed at the University of California, San Diego and is overseen by an Executive Committee comprised of members representing the stakeholders. In addition, Be There San Diego is a Million Hearts partner.

Be There San Diego is committed to continuing to advance Live Well San Diego into the future, and is embracing its strategies in ways illustrated here:

  • Building a Better Service Delivery System by working collaboratively at a regional level to spread evidence based practices and achieve quality improvements;
  • Supporting Positive Choices by taking a regional approach to activating patients to achieve blood pressure control;
  • Pursuing Policy and Environmental Change by establishing regional treatment guidelines and technology solutions to support providers and patients;
  • In other ways by creating the nation’s first heart attack and stroke free zone in San Diego County through healthcare team activation, community and patient activation, and healthcare ecosystem activation with a specific focus on addressing health disparities and health equity in our work.    
Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Be There San Diego

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