beautifulPB joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on May 17, 2017.  beautifulPB coordinates the Pacific Beach EcoDistrict, supporting performance areas including health and well-being, and community identity. Through their PB Pathways Project, beautifulPB is creating a network of safe neighborhood routes, encouraging people to walk, bike or skate to their destinations with traffic calming measures and other measures to improve safety and community such as intersection murals. They not only encourage safe active transportation and community development, but engage in research projects to ensure that their resources are being used effectively and efficiently, providing reports to the public when available.

beautifulPB continues to engage in community service projects aimed at improving the environment and creating high quality of life through public art projects, revitalization of commercial space, promoting community gardening and much more.

beautifulPB Recognition Event
Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner beautifulPB

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