Boys to Men Mentoring

Boys to Men Mentoring became a recognized Live Well San Diego partner on August 2, 2016. Boys to Men Mentoring encourages and empowers teenage boys to follow their dreams and overcome adversity through a community-based mentoring model.  By working to prevent educational failure, school drop outs, juvenile delinquency, and gang-related offenses in middle and high-school boys,  they have created a community of mentors who model integrity, accountability, compassion and respect, and teaches boys the same.

Through the mentoring program, young men are supported, listened to and taught to take responsibility for their choices, creating leaders for a more resilient community. Boys to Men encourages active living and civic engagement through active fundraisers, outdoor activities and other physical activities. For two years in a row, Boys to Men has hosted a booth at the annual East Region Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Symposium, providing families with information to help support their children as they grow older. Boys to Men continues to grow and help boys across the County become men of integrity.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Boys to Men Mentoring

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