Casa De Amparo

Casa de Amparo joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on August 4th, 2016.  Established in 1978, Casa de Amparo supports those affected by and at-risk of child abuse and neglect and is recognized as a major force in the field of child abuse prevention. They ensure that children and their families receive unique and innovative services for healing, for stopping child mistreatment of any kind, and for ending generational cycles of abuse.

Casa de Amparo serves over 1,000 Casa Kids annually, from prenatal to 25 years old, as well as over 900 families, through integrated programs that include residential services, counseling services, family visitation, child development, transitional housing and pregnant and parenting teen support. Casa de Amparo is the only specialized pregnant and parenting licensed group home that serves young families in San Diego County. 

Casa de Amparo provides safe housing, life skills, and connections to valuable local networks, enabling those that they serve to feel safe and to thrive in their community. The organization also encourages improved health by providing underserved populations with access to physical and mental healthcare and nutritious food resources.

Casa de Amparo greatly improves the quality of life for at-risk children and families affected by child abuse through their promotion of health and wellness throughout North County. Casa de Amparo shares the Live Well San Diego vision of creating healthy, safe, and thriving communities through their dedication to transforming the lives of children and families.

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