Center for World Music

The Center for World Music joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on September 25, 2016 at their Exploring Indian Classical Dance community event. The Center for World Music fosters intercultural awareness and understanding through in-depth encounters with the world’s performing arts traditions.

The Center for World Music provides both the public and schools districts across San Diego County with opportunities to explore the performing arts of the world, promoting innovative, healthy, and safe outlets in which people can thrive and connect to their county and local communities in a positive way. Through the World Music in the Schools program, thousands of K – 12 students are engaged in music and dance from around the world through weekly hands-on classes and interactive assemblies. The Center for World Music also sponsors educational outreach, performances, and cultural programs abroad.

The vision of Center for World Music is a world that celebrates cross-cultural understanding, respect, communication, and healing through the performing arts traditions of cultures East and West. Moving forward, the Center for World Music is fully committed to the Live Well San Diego vision and will continue its successful programs that contribute towards a healthy, safe, and thriving community.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Center for World Music

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