City of Carlsbad

The City of Carlsbad joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on October 25, 2016.  The City of Carlsbad has developed policies in a number of areas in support of community wellness and employee wellness to support a healthy, safe and thriving community.

The City of Carlsbad is committed to promoting healthy, active lifestyles by preserving open space and over 50 miles of trails for residents to enjoy. In addition, Carlsbad has adopted an updated General Plan that maximizes walkability, bikeability and livability by incorporating a mobility element supporting multi-modal transportation. Additionally, Carlsbad’s commitment to its “complete streets” designation keeps the safety of bicyclists, motorists, public transportation vehicles, riders and pedestrians at the forefront.

The City of Carlsbad gives all of its residents, including its own employees, the opportunity to thrive through their support for employee wellness and their provision of educational seminars, employee assistance programs, and annual employee health fairs. Carlsbad also promotes safe and healthy behaviors by operating a safe disposal location for citizens to properly dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired prescription medications.

The City of Carlsbad is committed to continuous learning at any age, and developed the Carlsbad Student Leader Academy to promote self-awareness, confidence and goal setting among high school students in the Carlsbad community. It has also developed the Citizen’s Academy to help Carlsbad residents learn about their city government and how decisions are made, how departments operate and how they can become more informed and involved citizens. The City of Carlsbad’s many accomplishments speak to their commitment to helping residents actively engage and live well in their community.

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Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner City of Carlsbad

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