Communities of Excellence 2026

Communities of Excellence 2026 joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on April 12th, 2016.  Founded in 2013, their mission is to assist and support communities as they implement the Community Performance Excellence Framework to enable communities and their residents to achieve better health outcomes, higher educational attainment, and economic vitality. 

Communities across the nation have struggled again and again to confront systemic problems that stymie opportunity and erode our freedom. Federal and state policy and support are important, but the common good is advanced most effectively — and durably — when we work together as a local community to identify, implement, and sustain improvements that work for that community.

The Community Performance Excellence Framework and its supporting toolkit is a systematic approach to improving overall community performance and collaboration across the key sectors of health, education, employment, and safety. Communities of Excellence 2026 believes that the leaders, businesses, and organizations working in our communities have the potential to collaborate more successfully across sectors, align their strategic priorities more effectively, and engage a larger portion of their populations in improving key performance outcomes.

Communities of Excellence 2026 will partner with Live Well San Diego to implement and then receive feedback on the Community Performance Excellence Framework and the needed tools to accompany it.  The framework will add to the Live Well San Diego vision of a safe, healthy, thriving San Diego by promoting operational excellence across the Live Well San Diego regions and their leadership.  This systematic approach to community performance will ultimately help achieve better results, faster for the Live Well San Diego vision and the County’s residents. 

Their vision is that by the year 2026 - the 250th anniversary of our nation’s founding - Communities of Excellence 2026 will have successfully adapted, refined and perfected the Community Performance Excellence framework and compellingly set in motion a course of action among communities across the United States to achieve — and, more important, sustain — improved health and well-being, better educational outcomes and more robust economic conditions for their citizens. Over the ensuing decades, those communities will consistently be the top-performing communities in the nation, and their success will meaningfully influence others to adopt Community Performance Excellence.

Communities of Excellence 2026 is committed to contributing to Live Well San Diego by building on the community level a culture where passion for Community Performance Excellence is the norm.

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