Community Research Foundation

Community Research Foundation (CRF) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on June 24, 2015.  CRF has been a partner with County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services for over thirty-five years through its provision of behavioral health services to the residents of San Diego.

CRF is a non-profit corporation founded in 1980 by a group of professionals and a number of clients with years of experience with psychiatric hospitalization. The outcome of their efforts was a crisis residential program model designed to provide acute care in a more normalized, homelike setting than a hospital.  Today, their mission is to partner with clients and stakeholders to design, deliver and evaluate innovative and exemplary behavioral health services with integrity, compassion, enthusiasm and a deep abiding concern for those they serve; and inspire and mentor the next generation of behavioral health professionals.  They value excellence, honest and ethical behavior, a culture of inclusiveness, professionalism, a “can do” spirit approach, and safety.

CRF embraces the concept that persons affected by mental illness and co-occurring mental health and substance use problems can and do recover when provided with appropriate and adequate treatment, activities and supports. This includes access to culturally appropriate, recovery-focused care within the individual's own community provided in the least restrictive level possible.  CRF’s child, youth and family programs are family-centered and designed based upon wraparound philosophy.

As a San Diego company, CRF fully embraces the Live Well San Diego vision for their workforce and mental health consumers.  As a two time recipient of the American Heart Association Fit Friendly Gold Award, they are well aware of the importance of supporting positive choices for their employees and those they mentor, as well as the merits of making systemic changes to existing support systems.  As an outcomes research-oriented company, they welcome the opportunity to take their Live Well San Diego efforts to the next level by quantifying the outcomes of their ongoing efforts.

Community Research Foundation

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