CSA San Diego County

CSA San Diego County joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on September 10, 2018. Their mission is to promote positive attitudes and action that ensure respect, acceptance, and equal opportunity for all people. Founded in 1969, CSA San Diego County has become a leading voice in upholding and enforcing fair housing laws. All residents have a legal right to safe and sanitary housing. With decades of experience in mediating tenant/landlord disputes, CSA San Diego County continues to fight for the rights of every citizen in San Diego. Fair housing is not just a preference, it’s the law!

Additionally, CSA San Diego County is also committed to the eradication of human trafficking and labor exploitation. California has been marked in the top 4 destination states for human trafficking, with San Diego ranking in the top 13 for child prostitution and trafficking. A shocking statistic to many; this issue is happening in our own backyard. Through educational workshops and victim intervention, they have partnered with Local law Enforcement and other non-profits in the area to fight against this growing issue.

Furthermore, CSA San Diego County is proactively engaging all communities on social justice contentions including immigration and civil rights. The  agency supports and hosts community forums to voice public concerns and bridge the gap between conventional divides. Identifying and addressing these issues as well as ensuring that all people are treated with the same care is vital to creating a healthy, safe and thriving San Diego community. 




CSA San Diego County

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