Goddess in Motion

Recognized: 11-10-2018

Sector: Community & Faith-Based Organizations

The Goddess in Motion Institute provide a safe space where people of all ages can increase their vitality and longevity. It provides a place where San Diegans can boost their confidence and their immune system; increase their body awareness as well as improve their body image. Programs promote empowerment, healing and transformation through dance and art.

Bodies In Motion is a whole health movement and dance method that incorporates holistic health, experiential and sensual movement.  Participants are coached in creating body awareness, strengthening their immune system, core, body, mind, spirit and emotional wellbeing. Regular participants see a reduction in stress and an increase in positive body image. Through dance self-expression can be ignited, emotions that no longer serve are released, and the result is peace.  Dance provides social connection, and can increase compassion, empathy, and joy.

True social connection is vital for the sustainment of an active and healthy community. Goddess in Motion Institute’s passion is to see people live their best whole health life, their passions, and live well in San Diego.

Goddess in Motion
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