Halau Hula O Ka’eo joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on March 26, 2016. Founded in 1998 by Kumu Kekā’eilaua’eokalani Haupu (Kumu “K”), the award-winning Halau is a hula school based in Escondido, CA offering Hula and Tahitian classes for all ages and levels. The school celebrates Hawaiian culture and the spirit of Aloha. Kumu “K” teaches under the continuing mentorship of her Kumu, Loea Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, whose motto is: Kulia I Ka Nu’u, meaning “strive for the highest.”

The Halau promotes the safety and positive development of students in Escondido and surrounding communities by providing them with regular positive activities during critical after-school hours.  The school promotes the physical health and well-being of students through dance instruction and performances. The Halau fosters a sense of community among students, families and residents through events held throughout the year.  Students learn skills for creative self-expression through dance which also provides opportunities for exercise and pays tribute to Hawaiian culture and traditions. The school disciplines its members to work together to accomplish purposes larger than themselves. All of these activities contribute to a thriving community.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner HALAU HULA O KA'EO


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