Hannah's Family center

Hannah’s Family Center, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization formerly known as Hannah’s House, joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on September 12, 2018. Hannah's Family Center (HFC) envisions a world where strong families enable children to thrive and communities to prosper. We know that every family faces challenges - it's just part of normal life. Since 1988, we have supported San Diego families through challenges and transitions such as parental conflict, separation, divorce, substance use, domestic violence, blended family issues, child discipline and mental health issues. We partner with families to create peaceful resolutions, strong bonds, heal and rebuild their families and find new ways of being together.

Hannah's Family Center offers over 40 different programs and services for families, including: individual, child, couples, family therapy; parent and co-parent coaching and classes; Family Substance Use Clinic; support groups for moms, dads, and kids; domestic violence services for victims and their children; and Children’s Arts & Animals Program; services for families involved in Family Court; and free family support resources. For families involved in Family Court, HFC fills a critical gap in the system because there is no government funding for these families. We provide affordable services and research-to-practice programs that teach parents to co-parent peacefully and make the transition from one unhappy home to two happy homes.

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