Hannah's Family center

Hannah’s Family Center, formerly known as Hannah’s House, joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on September 12, 2018. Hannah's Family Center (HFC) is an exceptional and respected community service organization that strengthens the San Diego community by building resilience in children and teaching essential co-parenting skills to parents, whether they live together or apart. For more than 32 years, we have supported families through challenges and transitions, such as conflict, separation, divorce, substance abuse or domestic violence. We believe and, research supports, that the best foundation parents can give their children is a peaceful, loving relationship with each parent.


HFC offers over 40 wrap-around family services, including: individual and couples therapy, therapeutic supervised visitation, safe exchange, parent communication coaching, anger management classes, facilitated co-parenting meetings, parenting and co-parenting classes, domestic violence support and Substance Abuse Clinic. We know that family functioning improves when all members of a family participate in multiple services and skill-building classes.  We equip parents with the skills necessary to navigate and resolve the difficult issues that arise before, during and after family breakup. For families involved in Family Court, HFC fills a critical gap in the system because there is no government funding for these families. We provide affordable services and research-to-practice programs that teach parents to co-parent peacefully and make the transition from one unhappy home to two happy homes. By preventing future mental, emotional and cognitive issues in children, we help to ease the economic and mental health toll on society and taxpayers.

Hannah's Family Center

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