Hannah's House

Hannah’s House joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on September 12, 2018.  Since 1988, Hannah’s House has provided a safe passage for parents and children navigating the complex transition of family breakup. 

They create joy for the child, peace of mind for the family, and harmony for our communities. Their vision is to provide a network of support that brings peace to the lives of children challenged by complex family transitions, primarily family breakup/divorce.

Their goals are: 

1.      To protect children and help them learn healthy ways to deal with the stresses that they feel as they deal with family conflict and separation.

2.      To help parents learn parenting and co-parenting skills that enable their children to lead safer and healthier lives.

Hannah’s House offers 6 wrap-around programs that provide a complete continuum of care for families experiencing complex transitions due to family separation or divorce. Hannah’s House provides vital services to children in crisis situations – including those who have experienced abuse, witnessed domestic violence, been victims of abduction, lived with a parent with a substance abuse or mental health problem, and are in the midst of a difficult family breakup.

The Hannah’s House children who receive these vital services at critical times, recover more quickly from trauma and develop remarkable resiliency skills that lead to happier and more successful lives than their counterparts without access to services.


Hannah's House

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