Health Education Advocacy Leadership Inc

Recognized: 6-24-2019

Sector: Community & Faith-Based Organizations

Health Education Advocacy Leadership (HEAL), Inc. implements programs to address pressing public health needs, fosters private sector support for health promoting activities, access to healthcare, and assist communities build the capacity to empower, promote health, and research translation that leads to action that addresses and advocates for the need of the population.

HEAL strives to be the main resource for culturally responsive health education, promotion, and advocacy through leadership activities such as organizing, supporting, planning, and program implementation efforts within the Southern California regions.

One of the primary responsibility of HEAL will be to promote an asset approach to health by tapping into the skills and experiences of individuals, community members, and local organizations in order to mobilize community health decision-making and action.

Further, HEAL will achieve its mission by linking the formal health system with the informal health system through consultations and close collaborations with partnering academic agencies, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and the community.


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