Hope Through Housing Foundation

Hope Through Housing Foundation joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on April 14, 2016. Hope through Housing is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty by advocating for policies and implementing programs that empower individuals and change communities. Working in affordable housing communities and regions throughout California, Arkansas, Florida, and Texas, Hope through Housing offers services, expertise and coordination to inspire Hope, present Opportunity, generate Prosperity and catalyze Empowerment for individuals of all generations.

Believing that both people and place matter in achieving community-wide well-being, Hope through Housing concentrates direct services, partnerships, and other resources right in the neighborhoods that need them most. At the individual level, their goal is to see all people thrive—whether that means helping children do well in school, families improve their financial situation, or seniors age with dignity in their own homes. These individual successes add up, influencing the community’s quality of life and enabling real change in neighborhoods of poverty, crime, blight and isolation.

Besides direct service goals, Hope through Housing maintains a commitment to serving as a collaborative platform for greater collective investment and impact in these neighborhoods. They help co-locate other local service providers at affordable housing sites, as well as share expertise with the regional and national sectors. Working with site residents, community neighbors, provider partners, municipal agencies, and regional coalitions, Hope through Housing has made partnership an integral part of their greater vision to transform lives and communities.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Hope Through Housing Foundation

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