Inner City Athletic Program

Inner City Athletic Program (ICAP) joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on February 24, 2018. ICAP is a 501c (3), non-profit organization serving underserved and at-risk youth in low-income communities. Their goals are to foster healthy and thriving communities and prevent childhood obesity. In perfect alignment with the Live Well San Diego vision for creating a healthy, safe and thriving community, Inner City Athletic Program’s mission is to provide free athletic instruction and guidance to underprivileged, fostered and disabled youth by teaching the importance of nutrition, exercise and education.

ICAP promotes collaboration and community involvement to create healthy communities. Using evidenced- based strategies and approaches, ICAP strives to empower participants for the betterment of their future health, and obtain measurable improvements. ICAP wants its youth to thrive, increase physical activity, overcome adversity, help others, succeed in school, value diversity, demonstrate leadership and participate in their own healthy futures and lifestyles.

ICAP’s free camps and sports clinics provide youth with the basic fundamentals of sports, teamwork, and respect, which prepare them for their future. Inner City Athletic Program also instills the importance of civic engagement as an avenue to bring about positive and healthy change for their community.

Inner City Athletic Program

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