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The Institute for Public Strategies (IPS) was officially recognized as a Live Well San Diego partner on July 29, 2014 during a County of San Diego Board of Supervisors’ meeting.  IPS has a history of working in partnership with the public health sector to help improve the health and safety of the residents they serve.  They are committed to empowering residents to stay safe by providing training and providing technical assistance to healthcare and community groups across the country on environmental prevention, alcohol and substance abuse, and other public-health related issues including Crime Free Multi-Housing and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.  They have reduced youth access to alcohol and drugs through their work with youth in the South Bay Youth 4 Change Project, which recently provided support to a campaign to update the Imperial Beach Social Host Ordinance.  IPS also participates and provides valuable input on drug and alcohol abuse prevention on the San Diego county Binge and Underage Drinking Initiative, the Methamphetamine Strike Force, Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force, and the Marijuana Prevention Initiative.

Furthermore, IPS provides media support and expertise to increase awareness of availability of healthy food for the Live Well San Diego South Region Leadership Team kick off and the Cilantro to Stores project.  They are an active member of the Live Well San Diego South and East Regions Leadership Team and a co-chair of the Live Well San Diego South Region Neighborhood Subcommittee and the Live Well San Diego East Region Substance Abuse Prevention Subcommittee.

In his acceptance speech, James Baker, President of IPS San Diego, expressed gratitude on behalf of their dedicated staff and residents.  He thanked the County of San Diego for ensuring that there is synergy between health and social work in the community.

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