International Rescue Committee

Recognized: 6-20-2019

Sector: Community & Faith-Based Organizations

International Rescue Committee (IRC) aims to positively impact the health, safety and economic outcomes in the region. By improving access to quality care through healthcare navigation for refugees, asylees, and asylum-seeker clients, IRC is helping people who have fled violence and persecution to survive, recover, and gain control of their futures through-out the region.

International Rescue Committee has done this since 1975, establishing themselves as a resource for all refugees and our local community. To date, International Rescue Committee have resettled over 28,500 refugees from 29 countries.

The International Rescue Committee offers numerous programs that ensure refugees and asylees thrive in San Diego. Whether ensuring children are enrolled in school, adults become self-reliant through employment or starting a business, or families receive acute medical care they need to recover from trauma or illness.

With office locations in City Heights and El Cajon, the IRC is deeply invested in serving not just refugees but all San Diego communities. The IRC is committed to continuing to advance Live Well San Diego into the future, and is embracing strategies by combining research and hands-on day-to-day experience to save lives and jumpstart recovery, achieve optimal use of resources, and increase the likelihood of lasting solutions for refugees.

International Rescue Committee

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