Julian Pathways, Inc.

Date Recognized: September 11, 2019

Sector: Community & Faith-Based Organization

Julian Pathways, Inc. recognizes that its youth development, academic enrichment and family, counseling, health and nutrition services are closely aligned with the Live Well San Diego vision of a health, safe, and thriving community.

The vision of Julian Pathways, Inc. is one of equity and opportunities for all to achieve their potential, including students, families, and the larger community.

To help all students and families thrive, Julian Pathways, Inc. provides free expanded learning enrichment programs including academic support, arts and crafts, STEM activities, physical activity and sports, as well as cooking, gardening and literacy events.

Julian Pathways, Inc. helps students and families build better health through its work combating childhood obesity and food insecurity. Julian Pathways, Inc employs a Garden/Wellness Cooridnation in partnership with FoodCorps, who implements hands-on learning, healthy school meals and school garden education.

To support the health and wellbeing of students and families, Julian Pathways, Inc. runs the Julian Backcountry Collaborative which is a network of organizations from all sectors, such as the American Heart Association, UC San Diego School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, and Palomar Health, to name a few.

Moving forward, Julian Pathways, Inc. is committed to continuing its successful programs that support both students and families and contribute towards a healthy, safe, and thriving community.

Julian Pathways

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