The Julian Union School District (JUSD) joined Live Well San Diego nas a recognized partner on January 28, 2014, after a vote by its Board of Education on January 15.  JUSD became a Live Well San Diego partner because of its commitment to providing a comprehensive learning environment that supports and promotes wellness, nutrition education, physical education and activity for students, staff and families.  In 2000, JUSD created Julian Pathways for Family, Schools and Community (Pathways) to provide support for all JUSD students and families to ensure academic and personal success through direct counseling services, behavioral support, and case management. Through Pathways, parents can attend Parent University workshops to learn about healthy eating, physical activity, and youth behavioral health supports. JUSD has partnered with University of California Communities and Pediatricians Collaborating Together (PACCT) to provide monthly pediatric residents to teach parent and student wellness classes and provide health consultations. JUSD provides healthy meals and afternoon snacks for students and families through their partnership with Jeremy’s on the Hill restaurant, the Afterschool Education and Safety (ASES) program, and the San Diego Foods for Kids Backpack program. The garden program provides opportunities for garden and nutrition education, and also includes a Garden Ambassador program to provide leadership opportunities for 5th grade students to promote healthy eating and physical activity. JUSD partners with Big Smiles to provide an oral health clinic for students and partners with the Transforming Obesity and Diabetes Awareness in Youth Program (TODAY) to provide body mass index and blood glucose screenings for students.  Moving forward, JUSD is committed to continuing many of its successful programs to support students and families.



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