Kids on the Go

Date Recognized: January 15, 2020

Sector: Community & Faith-Based Organization

Kids On The Go (KOTG) is a family service center located in the rapidly expanding South Bay area of San Diego. Their mission is “to provide a safe, fun and educational learning environment that gives children opportunities to explore new things while promoting the children's emotional, social and physical development. We want the families we service to thrive and succeed so the children will as well!” Their dedication to serving San Diegans with a “third parent” approach has made them a natural partner for Live Well San Diego.

KOTG is proud to open one of the largest capacity care centers in San Diego in the last 12 years. They have 272 licensed high-quality spots for ages 2-12, with 144 new free preschool slots in partnership with the CA State Dept. of Education. They currently service over 8 different elementary schools, offering before and after school care, camps, enrichment programs, and transportation to help break down barriers for families. KOTG has established a model of non-segregation through collaboration with agencies who assist with family support services including subsidizing childcare costs for military and low-income families that qualify. They are proud to support the vast military community through services tailored to their ever evolving needs. Unique offerings include a variety of on-site parenting resources, workshops and community hosted events/share-space opportunities. KOTG brings together diverse community partners to affect changes in their community and beyond.

Employees of KOTG are given opportunities to foster leadership skills, grow their potential by being out-of-the-box thinkers, and are supported in career and educational advancement. Internally and externally sourced trainings and conference opportunities are offered throughout the year to keep team members informed and trained on best practices in their industry. KOTG is proud to be revolutionizing the family service industry with the support of a diverse and unified team.

KOTG is also forging a new path for early childhood education in California. They are working alongside policy makers at the local and state level to help shape the future of early childhood education and beyond through policy reform and re-evaluation of standards. In 2019 they were recognized in the American Institute of Research publication for their groundbreaking, visionary, work in the field of  childcare. In 2020 they received a certificate of recognition from the State of California Senate’s office for their dedication to quality childcare and family services. They continue to pave the way for the future of childcare by exemplifying what it means to provide whole family care.

KOTG is committed to furthering the mission of Live Well San Diego by implementing innovative approaches to serve the community and the family as a whole. They work tirelessly at improving the life of San Diegans through equal access to quality support services.

Kids on the Go

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