Kim Center for Social Balance

The Kim Center for Social Balance joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on April 11, 2018. The Kim Center is creating gender equity in the workplace by transforming the beliefs and behaviors that obstruct women’s success. They are spearheading the Gender Equity Collaborative to unite businesses, governments, civic organizations, and individuals into a powerful network that will support and nourish the workplace gender equity movement until it is solidly established as a cultural norm.

Current programs include:

●       Gender Equity Portal, an online information center for workplace gender equity that aggregates valuable resources, including: articles, community organizations, and online tools. Built with startup funding from the County of San Diego, the Portal is designed to address and serve the needs of diverse working populations to increase gender equity awareness at every socioeconomic level.

●       Community Gender Equity Report, a landmark study that will identify key biases and misconceptions that challenge our working women across for-profit industries. Conducted in partnership with University of San Diego’s Center for Women’s Leadership, the report will further illustrate the consequences to women, their families, and their communities, including impacts on the female homeless population. The report will also be used to inform educational and training programs to help companies achieve gender equity.

●       Activate San Diego Roundtables, a series of meetings convening local leaders around the benchmarks and metrics established by the Gender Equity Report. These meetings will be used to to design San Diego County’s first-ever gender equity action plan.

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Kim Center for Social Balance

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Kim Center for Social Balance