Lemon Grove School District

Lemon Grove School District (LGSD) became a Live Well San Diego recognized partner on February 11, 2014. LGSD has taken active steps to improve student health by addressing factors that contribute to overall student wellness including healthy eating and active living. LGSD updated its student wellness policy in 2013 to encourage consistent health messages about healthy habits where students live, learn and play. All LGSD schools emphasize the importance of healthy fundraising, healthy snack options and coordination of morning walking clubs attended by students and parents.  To address physical activity, the Federal Safe Routes to School Program awarded LGSD a Safe Routes to School grant administered by WALK San Diego which will be used to provide community education with an emphasis on healthy walking and biking education.

LGSD continues to demonstrate leadership in facilitating the formation of grassroots efforts to promote healthy and active living through the Kaiser Permanente Foundation-funded Lemon Grove HEAL Zone and the creation of a “Wellness Hub.” Located on one school campus, the Hub brings all the elements of healthy living in a centralized location to provide access to physical activity and healthy foods in a safe environment for the entire community.  District Superintendent Ernest Anastos commented on their new partnership; “We are excited for the focused energy on our community and for the support and resources that have come along the way.”  LGSD continues to serve as an integral community partner making sustainable changes possible.


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