Mission Trails Regional Park

Mission Trails Regional Park joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on March 25, 2017. Since 1974, Mission Trails Regional Park has been dedicated to preserving nature and providing education, open recreation areas and outdoor activities suited for all ages.

Mission Trails Regional Park provides San Diego residents and visitors a way to explore the cultural, historical and recreational aspects of San Diego County, allowing people to exercise both physically and mentally. The park has over 60 miles of trails, boating, camping, informative hikes and a state-of-the-art visitor and interpreter center where activities are offered for everyone. In addition to outdoor activities, Mission Trails Regional Park encourages volunteering and civic engagement on the trails and in the visitor center.

Mission Trails Regional Park is committed to continuing to advance the Live Well San Diego vision into the future, and is embracing strategies of this vision in ways illustrated here:

  • Building a Better Service Delivery System by hosting family and group events to promote community engagement
  • Supporting Positive Choices by encouraging outdoor and physical activity
  • Pursuing Policy and Environmental Change by partnering with the City of San Diego, to preserve and protect the natural environment of Mission Trails Regional Park and to provide and promote education and recreational opportunities.
Mission Trails Regional Park

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