MMA Academy

MMA Academy was recognized as a Live Well San Diego partner on July 28, 2016.  MMA Academy is a self-defense, fitness, and fighting training center that has been committed to “strengthening mind and body” since 1990.  Their goal is to have each person who has the desire to learn self-protection to have that right.

MMA Academy’s longstanding interest and work in fitness, empowerment, and resident safety throughout San Diego County aligns with all three components of the Live Well San Diego vision. They promote positive choices by educating the community on healthy nutritional choices, and a safe and healthy physical lifestyle. MMA Academy hosts food and clothing drives, and provide free self-defense training to numerous shelters, safe houses, and teen centers throughout San Diego County. MMA Academy delivers empowerment services and education, on topics such as Sexual Assault Prevention and Domestic Violence Prevention to local educational facilities and community events. Their commitment to safety for San Diego County residents, strives to end all types of assaults by providing trainings in public safety, self-defense, and children’s anti-bullying and anti-abduction. In addition, they lead free defensive tactics seminars for law enforcement agencies on local, state and federal levels.

As a recognized Partner, MMA Academy will to continue to advance the Live Well San Diego vision.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner MMA Academy


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