National School District was welcomed as a Live Well San Diego recognized partner on November 18, 2015. The mission of National School District is to ensure each student receives an exemplary, world-class education in a safe, nurturing environment by collaborating with educators, staff, parents and their diverse community, so that all students attain the skills essential to succeed and thrive in a competitive, global society. National School District is an important asset in the South Region of San Diego County, providing services for ten schools and more than five-thousand seven hundred students in grades preschool through 6. National School District became a Live Well San Diego partner because of their efforts to support overall health and wellness for students and staff within their district and because of their dedication to creating healthier school environments throughout all schools within their district.

In 2010, National School District received the Healthy Works Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) Grant through the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency and the County Office of Education. This grant provided a Physical Education teacher for Central School, the target school, to increase student health and fitness. Funds provided support for updating policies, nutrition classes for parents, physical education equipment, equipment for the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) Program and other activities to support increased student and family health. National School District understands the importance of student safety and because of that, continues to work with the City of National City on the Safe Routes to School project, which not only promises to increase student fitness, but also to reduce the congestion around schools with fewer parents dropping off and picking up their students. 

In addition, National School District offers free breakfast and lunch for all students, free before and after school programs, free tutoring for students who need extra help, state of the art cutting-edge technology - electronic learning boards in every school, free dental and vision-screening and free Preschool - for resident 3 and 4 year olds. National School District partners with the National City Family Resource Center, and community-based organizations to provide physical, counseling, and mental health services to students and their families to enable them to succeed academically and to ensure their well-being. The district has implemented a new student wellness policy that focuses on healthy student choices in two major areas: fundraising and classroom celebrations.

The new wellness policy approved by the Board includes the following new requirements:

  • The use of non-food items for fundraising, such as jog-a-thons, sale of school items such as pencils, school supplies, raffles and other innovative strategies adopted by schools.
  • Use of healthy foods during classroom celebrations such as fruit, high fiber items like granola, ready-made healthy treats such as whole grain bars, yogurt, etc.
  • No non-healthy food fundraising can occur before school and after-school--these foods may only be sold 30 minutes after dismissal.

National School District serves on the Live Well San Diego South Region School Wellness Subcommittee, identifying ways to help make the school environment healthier and safer. National School District wholly supports Live Well San Diego and is proud to be a recognized partner, actively working to create healthier, safe and thriving school environments for students and staff.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner National School District

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