Nile Sisters Development Initiative

Nile Sisters Development Initiative became a Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner on August 19TH, 2015. An Ethnic Community-based Organization, Nile Sisters Development Initiative shares the Live Well San Diego vision of fostering a healthy, safe, and thriving San Diego for all residents. To this end, the organization bridges refugee and immigrant women and their families, as well as other underserved groups, to mainstream resources in a culturally and linguistically appropriate fashion. In collaboration with like-minded partners, Nile Sisters Development Initiative provides vital assistance, including social services that promote self-sufficiency and health literacy programs to the groups they serve.

Nile Sisters Development Initiative’s innovative methodology of utilizing a community-based participatory approach allows it to develop cutting edge programs that include input from program participants and other stakeholders. Nile Sisters Development Initiative prides itself on cultivating thriving refugee and immigrant communities in San Diego County, by providing a “hand up,” rather than a “hand out.” This method results in long and positive outcomes and improved quality of life for Nile Sisters Development Initiative’s constituents. 

As a Live Well San Diego partner, Nile Sisters Development Initiative will continue to support, assist, educate and advocate for the refugee and immigrant individuals and families they serve.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Nile Sisters Development Initiative

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