North County Community Action Network (NorCAN)

The North County Community Action Network (NorCAN) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on June 12, 2014, at the 2014 Aging Summit in North County. NorCAN’s mission is to advocate for and improve the lives of older adults, persons with disabilities, and their families by working efficiently and collaboratively to enhance the services they receive.  They have been integral in ensuring services and opportunities are available to North San Diego County residents. In 2012, NorCAN underwent a complete reorganization and strategic planning process to reassess, redefine and realign their initiatives and actions to better meet the shared goals and objectives of their members and constituent communities. In turn, the organization is leading the way in assessing the needs of the community, educating about available services and advocating for systems and environmental changes which all contribute to the goal of creating a seamless system of care in North County. 

NorCAN coordinates and produces community wellness events such as End of Life and Meet the Pharmacist; conducts needs assessment efforts across North County; partners with the North County Intergenerational Council to support the re-establishment of the Intergenerational Games; and serves as the driving force behind the initiation of a North County satellite site for various annual events including the Aging Summit, Vital Aging, and the Live Well San Diego Summit. Additionally, NorCAN membership looks inward to ensure members are healthy, active and engaged by supplying opportunities for positive choices by all members, advocating for wellness and healthy living, and offering continued educational programming at monthly membership meetings. NorCAN is a model for creating partnerships, collaborating effectively, getting creative and championing access to care, safe communities, and supported individuals. Moving forward, NorCAN is committed to adopting and pursuing policies for physical and nutritional wellness and behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse), continuing to advance their efforts to provide information and education surrounding injury prevention and emergency preparedness, and helping to promote environmental, systemic changes to support and advocate for those they serve.


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