Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center

Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center (Olivewood) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at their Happy Healthy Harvest event.  Olivewood became a Live Well San Diego partner because of their dynamic efforts to support health and wellness through the promotion of environmental stewardship and nutrition education.  Olivewood is an essential asset in the South Region area, and wholeheartedly embraces the importance of health and wellbeing for children and families in the community.  In addition, Olivewood empowers others to spread information and skills to the wider region. The organization motivates and nurtures young people to enter careers that promote personal and environmental health, and fosters the development of nutrition education programs at local schools by offering training academies that empower teachers and volunteers to establish and use their own gardens.

Olivewood provides children and families the opportunity to engage in important nutrition education in the context of a garden-based learning environment.  These experiences significantly increase children’s knowledge of, preference for, and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, even into adulthood.  By practicing positive nutritional choices over the long term, children and their families may reduce their risk of chronic diseases associated with obesity including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, which are essential priorities of the Live Well San Diego initiative. 

Olivewood wholly supports the Live Well San Diego initiative and is committed to upholding the goals of Live Well San Diego by providing safe, healthy, and thriving environments to the children and families they serve through nutrition education, and the implementation of programs focused on building residents capacity to grow, cook and eat healthy food.

Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center


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