Outdoor Outreach

Outdoor Outreach joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on April 9, 2019. As a leader in the San Diego community, Outdoor Outreach is committed to empowering youth to build resilience in the face of challenges and become confident in their power to make a difference.

Since 1999, Outdoor Outreach has connected more than 14,000 young people to opportunities and adventures in the outdoors they may not have believed possible, like surfing their first wave, or reaching new heights while rock climbing. Outdoor Outreach specifically works to support San Diego County’s most vulnerable youth: youth affected by homelessness, the foster care system, and under-resourced communities. We work with over 40 community partners, including 20 Title I schools and 20+ other agencies, like health centers, youth organizations and social services to provide adventure-based youth development programs. 

Additionally, Outdoor Outreach provides job and leadership training through our Leadership Program, where teens and young adults earn their first paycheck and first job as an outdoor instructor. We also provide youth with opportunities to advocate for their local outdoor spaces at the State capital. Empowered by a new narrative of what they can do and be, youth are inspired to provide these same opportunities for other youth. This is the power of the outdoors and the ripple effect of Outdoor Outreach’s program model.

Outdoor Outreach is honored to be a Recognized Partner and is fully committed to the Live Well San Diego vision and will continue providing innovative programming that will contribute towards a healthy, safe and thriving community. 


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