Partnerships With Industry

Partnerships With Industry joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on January 31, 2017. Since 1985, Partnerships With Industry has successfully created win-win partnerships between San Diego County businesses and adults with disabilities who want to work. Their goal is to create opportunities for more adults with disabilities to enter the workforce in San Diego County by providing no cost vocational assessment, job preparation, job placement and support. Partnerships With Industry is built on the premise that every adult with a disability, willing to work, has the ABILITY to be an active part of the workforce and society.

Partnerships With Industry has provided vocational opportunities for persons with mental illnesses, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and physical and developmental disabilities. They have helped over 12,500 persons realize their vocational dreams through supported employment and assist 750 clients a day to be successful, gainfully employed tax paying citizens.

Partnerships With Industry partners with more than 230 businesses and organizations in San Diego County to provide employment opportunities to the clients they serve and will continue to grow these opportunities as a Live Well San Diego Partner.

Partnerships With Industry proclamation
Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Partnerships With Industry

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