Patio Playhouse

Patio Playhouse joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on June 17, 2016. For the past 50 years, Patio Playhouse has been dedicated to educating and empowering the community through theater, and providing opportunities for the community to explore the creative arts. Patio Playhouse provides a healthy and safe outlet for people to thrive and connect with their community in a positive way.

Patio Playhouse improves the quality of life for those in the community by providing affordable, quality entertainment and opportunities for people to take part in the production of award-winning shows. Its programs are for all age groups—from school age to seniors—and the organization prides itself on being a catalyst for community cohesion. Patio Playhouse also provides educational outreach opportunities in the local schools for students to explore the creative arts. Through the organization’s continued commitment to developing and maintaining positive relationships with residents, businesses, fellow artists, and community partners, they provide interactive artistic experiences and promote a culture that values the arts and well-being.

Patio Playhouse supports the Live Well San Diego vision of creating safe, healthy and thriving communities and is excited to work collaboratively with other Live Well San Diego partners. Patio Playhouse is a powerful community leader that will help make a positive and influential impact on the health and well-being of the residents in North San Diego County. 

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Patio Playhouse

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