Public Authority In-Home Supportive Services

San Diego Public Authority In-Home Supportive Services joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on October 13, 2016. The Public Authority in San Diego County was established in 2001, per State mandate, to act as Employer of Record for In-Home Supportive Services in-home caregivers (Providers) and operate a Registry of Providers. The County of San Diego Board of Supervisors acts as the Governing Body for the Public Authority. The Public Authority is a separate legal entity from the County, but works as a partner with In-Home Supportive Services, serving In-Home Supportive Service Providers and Consumers. 

Services provided by the Public Authority include connecting Providers, looking for work, with In-Home Supportive Service Consumers needing assistance; conducting daily new hire orientations for all new In-Home Supportive Service Providers; processing Department of Justice background checks for all In-Home Supportive Service providers; assisting with the processing of over 20,000 Providers’ timesheets; operating a call center to handle over 15,000 in-bound calls per month; and, providing training to Providers and Consumers. 

The Public Authority has long been committed to a culture of wellness, offering information, training and opportunities to employees and customers alike.  Initiatives have included healthy (salad bar style) potlucks, regular on-site yoga classes, informational newsletters for staff and customers regarding a wide-range of wellness topics, and in-person staff seminars about physical health, nutrition, ergonomics, and financial wellness.  As well, the Public Authority participated this year in the Live Well San Diego 5K and the Alzheimer’s Walk. 

The Public Authority is proud to be a Live Well San Diego partner and will remain dedicated to furthering a better quality of life for employees, customers and the communities of San Diego.

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Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner Public Authority In-Home Supportive Services


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