Ramona Unified School District

The Ramona Unified School District joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on August 10, 2017 following a vote by its Board of Trustees. Ramona Unified School District recognizes the link between health and learning, and strives to provide a comprehensive program that supports and reinforces student health, physical activity, and wellness.

To promote good nutrition and healthy eating habits for their students, Ramona Unified School District and the Food and Nutrition Services Department ensures fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are available to students while reducing the amount of fat, sugar and sodium on the menu.

Through the District’s Wellness Policy, Ramona Unified School District has committed to uphold a policy of no sodas, no trans fats, and at least 50 percent whole grains in 100 percent of grain products in foods provided to students. To ensure students receive nutritious meals outside of the school year, the Food and Nutrition Services Department provides an ongoing Summer Food Program, “Seamless Summer”, funded through the USDA, providing lunches for youth through age 18 in Ramona.

To further promote student wellness, Ramona Unified School District’s after school program, ASSETS, provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that support physical fitness and healthy living.

Moving forward, Ramona Unified School District is committed to continuing its successful programs that support their students and contribute towards a healthy, safe, and thriving community.

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Ramona Unified School District


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