Rancho Bernardo Community Council

The Rancho Bernardo Community Council joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on April 05, 2018. The Rancho Bernardo Community Council (RBCC) has been dedicated to improving the health and well-being of residents since 1971 by offering events, trainings, forums, committees, and intergenerational activities to benefit the community.

The Community Council acts as an advisory board to the City of San Diego on issues such as Public Safety, Maintenance Assessment, Traffic and Transportation, Government Relations and Utility issues, Code and Compliance issues, Signage issues and much more. RBCC delivers health and wellness programs through partnerships, including annual CPR trainings for the community, Love Your Heart promotion and participation, and gardening activities for kids to grow and eat vegetables. The RBCCl offers programs to ensure ongoing safety of its residents through annual safety fairs and informational safety presentations such as “How to Protect Yourself and Your Home,” “Internet Safety,” and “How to Avoid Scams.”  RBCC sponsors and supports intergenerational programs and activities benefiting the community such as Intergenerational (IG) Games, the Rancho Bernardo Community Flag Contest, Earth Day, and the Annual Chalk-It-Up event, which invites people of all ages to express themselves by creating chalk art in the local park.

Rancho Bernardo Community Council is fully committed to the Live Well San Diego vision and will continue its successful programs that contribute towards a healthy, safe, and thriving community.   


Recognition Event for Rancho Bernardo Community Council
Recognition Event for Rancho Bernardo Community Council
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